Elastic Lab Inc.

Anti-aging laboratory based on Human Elasticity

Elastin, The core of human elasticity
Research on improvement and management of elasticity decrease due to aging
Development of derma-cosmetics, medical devices and health supplements to care elasticity.

Elastic Lab Inc. is a medical healthcare startup researching the structural and functional changes of the human body with aging and developing products that care for these changes. Among the various components of the human body, we are focusing on elastic fibers in connective tissues and changes in the physico-chemical properties of elastin, which are the basis of elastic fibers.

A composition that induces elastin and collagen from fibroblasts was developed and applied for a patent as a platform technology. And Derma Cosmetics to improve skin wrinkle and elasticity was developed and launched at local and global market. In addition to Derma Cosmetics, product pipeline is being developed and expanded to include health supplements and medical devices for skin, blood vessels and other indications.

As a start-up established in 2019, we are striving to grow into a global medical healthcare company with differentiated technology and product development capabilities.

Elastic Lab Inc.

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